Diverting your calls

One of the handiest features of a phone system is the ability to divert your calls to another phone number, maybe your mobile or even your home phone. On Rosetta Telecom it’s simple!

There are two types of divert so let’s start with the simplest one; diverting your extension to another number.

Log in to your account on Rosetta Telecom and click on Extension -> Overview and click on the Setup tab.

In the Then go to box select External redirect. Enter the number you want to redirect calls to in the External Destination box and click on Save. Now your calls to this extension will be redirected to the external phone number after the number of seconds in the Ring For box.

To turn off the redirection simply change the setting in the Then go to box. The external destination number will be remembered so it’s easy to set it up again when you need it.

Now we can learn how to divert all your calls to an external number.

In Rosetta Telecom go to PBX -> Extensions. Create a new extension similar to above with the External redirect selected in the Then go to box and the number you want to redirect to in the External Destination box.

Now click on Numbers and click on your inbound number that you want to divert.

In the Destination Extension box select the extension you have just created above and click on save.

Now all calls to that number will be diverted to your external number. To turn off the divert simply point the phone number back to the original feature or extension.