Saving money for a one person business

We were approached by a lady who runs a business from home in a converted office. Her office was supplied with a traditional BT analogue phone line and broadband over the same connection. Only a few yards away was her home phone with an identical broadband connection.

It was quite apparent to her that she was wasting money having two phone lines and two broadband connections so she got in touch with Rosetta Telecom. We popped in and surveyed the site whilst enjoying a nice cup of tea which I find really helps with site visits!

Our solution was quick and simple. We transferred her office number across to our virtual phone system and supplied a fully featured desk phone to go in her office. We ran a network cable from her home broadband connection to the office and fitted a Wi-Fi access point which let her connect to the Wi-Fi as well as plug in her printer and her new phone.

Once that was all working she cancelled her business phone line and broadband contract with BT and saved herself a pretty packet as well as now benefiting from all the features of our virtual phone system such as voicemail to email and call redirection.

As you can see, Rosetta Telecom can help small businesses as well as large ones so get in touch and see how we can help you.