Change voicemail settings

If you’re connected to our Cloud Phone System then voicemail is a standard service included with your system. There are two main ways to setup voicemail.1. On an existing extension2. As a standalone extension Option 1 is the normal way … Read more

Extension offline notifications

A while ago a customer asked if he could be notified when his Rosetta Telecom extension went offline. Well now you can! As with all internet based services, we rely on a good connection to make everything work and, if … Read more

Advanced Zoiper configuration

In a previous article I explained how to configure the software app, Zoiper, to work with our phone system. This article is to teach you some advanced tricks that may help you. Due to the very nature of apps running … Read more

Which extension do I need?

Let’s break down the selection process a bit to start with. Here are some categories: Software phones Desktop phones WiFi desktop phones DECT phones WiFI portable phones Analogue adaptors Software phonesWe’re all used to carrying around a smartphone these days … Read more

Setting up the Zoiper software app

Did you know that you can use your desktop PC or your smartphone as an extension on our phone system? Now, wherever you are, with either a WiFi or reasonable 3g / 4g connection (data charges may apply), you can … Read more

Now you can tag your calls!

If you’ve always wanted to know which number someone called you on then our new tagging feature is for you! You can now add short tags to your inbound numbers so that when someone dials that number, their number shows … Read more

Custom ringtone setup

We’re sometimes asked if it is possible to change the ringtone on your phone using our web interface. As from now it is! All you need to do is login to the web interface here and go to the extension … Read more

Diverting your calls

One of the handiest features of a phone system is the ability to divert your calls to another phone number, maybe your mobile or even your home phone. On Rosetta Telecom it’s simple! There are two types of divert so … Read more

Configure a handset using a web browser

This article aims to help you setup a hardware phone using your web browser and our automatic configuration system.Not all handsets can be autoconfigured so please check your account for the latest list of compatible handsets. Once you have setup … Read more