Configure a softphone on Rosetta Telecom

This article aims to help you set up your softphone.

A softphone (or software phone or app) can be useful for people who aren’t bound to a desk as they’re out and about or if you just want to save some money on your phone system! The Rosetta Telecom cloud phone system works just as well with softphones as it does with hardware phones. If you’re thinking of making the switch, just bear in mind that sometime sit is nice to have at least one hardware phone handset around in case somebody just walks in and wants to use your phone. It can also be more comfortable when making long calls.

First of all, it doesn’t matter if you are an Android, Apple or Windows fan as there are softphones for all operating systems. All you need to do is look for a SIP compatible app. To make things easier here I will be demonstrating setting up CSipSimple as it is a very good open source software phone which you can get on Android Play. However, the principles will be the same for other apps but things might be named slightly differently and the steps might be in a different order. Other apps we have tried include Zoiper, SipDroid and X-Lite.

After you have downloaded your softphone and installed it, open it up and look for the settings button if it doesn’t open automatically.

The standard settings are normally fine although you might want to tick the “I’m allowed to use mobile” box if you want to make and receive calls on mobile as well as WiFi. Be careful because this can cost you a lot and call quality may not be any good if your mobile signal is poor.

Now you have set up the app you need to add an account for your Rosetta Telecom extension.

Click on the “Add account” button”

Scroll down and click on the “Basic” generic wizard as we don’t need to make things too complicated.

Now you’ll need the data from your Rosetta Telecom account which you can find on your extension page.

Enter the following data:

Account Name = Rosetta Telecom or any other name to identify the account to you
User = Your SIP user id e.g. 1000202
Server = Your primary SIP server e.g.
Password = Your SIP secret

Make sure you get it all right and we recommend copy and pasting the SIP secret.

Now press “Save”

You should be shown a page with all your details on.

If they are correct then click on “Save”.

If everything is correct and your phone can connect then you should see your account name with a green logo and “Registered”.

If something has gone wrong then please recheck all your details before getting in touch with us and make sure that your WiFi is connected or you have agreed to make calls using your data plan as mentioned in the first step above.

Press the back button to get to the dial page and you should now be able to dial and receive calls using your Rosetta Telecom extension!