New business – New phone system!

We were approached by a startup company that needed a flexible, virtual phone system which would allow them to employ staff working from home around the country but still manage and have visibility of their calls. To add to the fun, the system needed to be built in record time!

Rosetta Telecom rose to the challenge and we developed a custom built phone system on our hosted platform within a week. This option allows them to build a simple system to start with which will expand as the company grows and requires features such as integration with their other business systems. Initially it will have a single, non-geographic phone number (03 dialing code) which is answered with a welcome message and drops into a call queue. Agents around the country can login to take calls as and when they are free. Missed calls are sent to voicemail which is forwarded by email to the agents.

Visibility is provided by a web based wallboard which gives live information about current calls as well as call statistics for management purposes. Finally, all calls are recorded and uploaded to the cloud storage service of our parent company, The Rosetta Group. This allows the company to manage quality and deal with any disputes.

The whole system was specified, designed and rolled out in a week with the phone handsets sent out by courier so there was no need for even a site visit!

This project is a good example of how we can help businesses that need something outside of our normal virtual phone system offering and need a prompt, customised service.