Call center integration

Our client is a large sales company specialising in providing building components to trade and consumers. They approached Rosetta Telecom to build a flexible, custom built phone system which would integrate with their custom built CRM and sales system.

The company has several sales teams which specialise in different customer bases. Some of the agents in these queues are employees and some are self employed. Some are based at the company’s offices and some are based at their own sites around the country. Agents are not all available at all times and need to log in and out of the system as suits their time. Previously, all calls from all customers came into a single queue, which agents logged into. Agents spent a lot of time dealing with calls which were for other teams and taking messages.

Rosetta Telecom designed and built a cloud based solution with multiple queues, each with a dedicated inbound number. In addition there is a generic number which gives callers the option to join any queue. Agents can log into any queue and take calls, simply by pressing a button on their phone handset. If calls are not answered in a specified time, they fall through to a catch all queue which rings the company’s staff involved in non sales roles e.g. administration. This ensures the calls get answered as promptly as possible. At any time callers can leave a voicemail message rather than wait to be answered.

In order to help the teams know what is going on and to help managers allocate staff to the correct teams, the system provides web based “wallboards” which show, for each queue, how many calls are queueing and for how long, how many calls have been answered, how many calls have been missed and any new voicemails waiting to be dealt with. Managers can see the status of all queues and also view daily statistics which tell them how many calls have been answered and how many missed as well as details of those calls

Rosetta Telecom also designed a feature which identifies return callers and attempts to route them to the last agent they spoke to if he his available. This gives the caller a much better experience of the company and makes them feel as if they have a direct number for “their” salesman.

As well as meeting the needs of the sales teams, the phone system also provides normal corporate phone facilities to the rest of the company, e.g. the accounts team.

This new system allows the company to be more flexible and efficient with its staffing as well as direct callers to the appropriate person as quickly as possible with minimal need for callers to make decisions and press options.