Custom Phone Servers

Our customer is a business and residential internet and phone provider with several existing phone servers and switches. These are all networked through multiple providers for redundancy and least cost routing purposes.

We were approached to design and build a pair of hosted phone exchanges that will route all the calls, inbound and outbound, between their phone systems and their carriers. We were also asked to create a simple user interface to allow the setting up of new phone servers.

Using our many years of experience in the telecoms sector we developed a pair of servers controlled using a simple web interface which allows the creation of phone systems and the addition of new PSTN numbers with ease. The system is secure and expandable in order to allow for extra features in the future e.g. the processing of call records.

This whole project was up and running in less than a week from first enquiry!

If we can help your business with a custom phone solution then get in touch.