Music on hold without greensleeves!

Have you ever called a company and been stuck on hold listening to greensleeves for ever? Well we don’t think you should subject your callers to that sort of purgatory so we use some fairly decent, licence free music on hold as standard on Rosetta Telecom.

We’ve now added a new feature that, for a small monthly fee, lets you upload your own music or adverts so that your callers hear what you want them to hear. This is a great way of informing people about other services you might provide or any special offers. You can upload up to ten separate pieces of audio and you can change them whenever you like by logging into your PBX on Rosetta Telecom.

Our sister company, Rosetta Audio, can also produce professional sounding voiceovers and marketing messages for your phone system. Have a look at their website and you can hear some examples of their work.

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